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Spring Cleanup Services

When the seasons start to change and winter turns to spring, we always start by spring cleaning inside our houses. But it’s also important to make sure your lawn and yard are well taken care of, too, which is why we offer spring cleanup services.

Spring is truly the best time of year to schedule a cleanup with Landscape 360. We specialize in lawn care, landscaping, and hardscaping, so your yard looks its best after the snow melts.

We can start you off right with a thorough spring cleanup to ready your yard for summertime. Not only will your yard be cleaner, but it will save you from future hassles that occur when your yard isn’t up to par. We can help aerate and elevate the dead grass to help with new growth below.


We start with the removal of any trash or debris leftover on your lawn.

  • Litter
  • Dog Feces
  • Leaves
  • Bigger Twigs
  • Pinecones
  • Etc.


Next, we will begin to rake up your lawn, gathering the smaller fragments from your yard. This will ensure that you avoid snow mould, a fungal disease that occurs when dead plant life gets wet and begins to decay.

  • Dead Grass
  • Small Twigs


Afterwards, we will unearth old perennial stalks and prepare flower beds for planting and fertilizing them.

  • Work In Compost
  • Weed Removal & Dead Growth
  • Prune Shrubs

Finishing Touches


We can also add to your yard to fill spaces and grow your garden.

  • Till New Ground To Break It Up
  • Build Raised Garden Beds
  • Lay Landscaping Fabric
  • Kill Weeds
  • Make Berms


We can plant your flower beds and seed balding spots on your lawn.

  •  Planting Flowers, Shrubs & Trees
  • Creating Flower Borders
  • Seed Or Sod Lawns


The final step is weed and pest prevention.

  • Landscape Fabric
  • Mulch
  • Herbicide
  • Pesticide
  • Fencing To Protect Vegetation From Rabbits, Rodents & Deer

For any yard clean up, landscaping needs or more Landscape 360 is the team to get it done. We guarantee exceptional service and a beautiful garden to get your summer started off on the right foot. There will be no more hassle pulling weeds and clearing out messy gardens. We will be sure that maintenance is stress-free once we are done with your spring yard cleanup.