Different Landscape Types & Which Is The Best For You?

Planning your landscaping can feel like a tremendous task when you’re not sure where to start. Today’s article will provide ideas and tips on how to find the best landscape for you. Landscape types each have their unique features and things to consider when living in Alberta. Your planning will be much easier by finding a purpose and style that fits your taste and lifestyle.

Choose A Purpose

First, be sure to know your purpose. Why do you want to change your landscape? Landscape types coincide with the purpose and function of your space. There could be one reason or multiple. However, if you have a long list of things you want to do but not enough space, make a list. Rank each from most to least important for you. Below are some ideas for your backyard space that might help with your landscaping plans.


One of the most popular reasons for having landscaping work done is entertainment. Many want an outdoor space dedicated to having family and friends over. You could install an extended patio or upgrade your deck. But, first, consider the dimensions of your entertaining space.

If you typically have a smaller gathering of a few friends, your patio doesn’t need to take up half the yard. On the other hand, your place might be the gathering spot for your friends. For larger gatherings, you could break up the entertainment space into two. In addition, you could dedicate one area to a fire pit for a more relaxing atmosphere.


Of course, the kids will want a say in how the yard looks. That is to say, ask them what type of area they want. Dedicating an area for them will help keep their space separate. For example, if you plan on having a delicate flower garden, keep their play area separate, so your garden is safe.

landscape types


It is almost a given, but it’s essential to have sufficient greenery in your yard. Moreover, there are many physical and mental benefits to gardening. If you want to go full out and get a greenhouse, be sure to leave ample space to do so.


Lastly, many choose to have landscaping work done to add privacy. For example, if neighbours surround your yard, a retaining wall is an impressive addition. Professional landscapers can help you add privacy without compromising on natural sunlight.

Choose A Style

Secondly, let’s now help you choose a landscaping style. We list five landscape types below to help you get started.


Although we live in a snowy Alberta climate, that doesn’t mean you can’t go tropical. For instance, hot tubs and pools are popular additions that are great for entertaining and relaxing. Using these as a focal point, you can add a tropical flair to your yard. To get this look, consider adding the following elements:

  • Varying Plant Sizes
  • Light Coloured Stone (White Or Beige)
  • Bold Colours & Textures (Throw Pillows & Small Decorative Items)
  • Soft Yellow Or Colourful Landscape Lighting
  • Outdoor Bar

Zen Garden

Need an outdoor space to unwind? Asian-inspired gardens can help. For this style, you will want to include:

  • Stonework (Gravel, Paddlestones, Sand)
  • Plants (Moss, Japanese Maple, Fern)
  • Water Feature (Pond, Waterfall)
  • A Pavilion
  • Lush Green, Grey, Brown, Black, Dark Blue & White Colour Palette


If you’ve got a cactus on every windowsill of your home, you can now take it outside too. Because Alberta gets hot and dry summers, some cacti species can thrive here too. Some resilient species include:

  • Eastern Prickly Pear
  • Opuntia Fragilis
  • Escobaria Vivipara
  • Plains Pricklypear

In addition, you’ll want to use shades of brown and white for stonework. For example, river rocks, gravel, and flagstone are great options to help you achieve this look.

landscape types


If your taste is something simpler, a modern style is for you. This style uses neutral tones and clean lines. You’ll typically find layouts with a contrast between wood and concrete. Popular elements to include are:

  • Simple Plants (Bamboo, Hedges, Reed Grass)
  • Custom Woodwork (Seating, Patio, Privacy Fence)
  • Lighting (Spotlights, Uplights)

English Style Cottage Landscape

The last on our list of landscape types include an English cottage-inspired style. You can achieve this aesthetic using:

  • Brick, Limestone & Cobblestone
  • Flowers (Hydrangea, Roses, Daylily)
  • Custom Woodwork (Bench, Pergola)
  • Water Feature (Pond)

Your colour palette should include light grey, peachy pink tones, off-white, and warm-toned greens.

Things To Consider

Now that you’ve found a style that speaks to you consider the following three points.

Understanding Alberta Climate

Although the above landscape types can work anywhere, Alberta’s climate will affect your planning. With that said, this means having to swap out some ideas. For example, you’ll need fake palm trees for your tropical-themed yard. However, a professional landscaper knows exactly which plants thrive in our environment.

Complementing Your Home

Likewise, think about what colour palette your home falls under. You want to pick something that will complement each other. For example, this could be as simple as matching your stone pathway to your cream-coloured siding.

Jaw-Dropping Front Yard

Lastly, to maximize cohesion, why not have elements of your chosen style in the front yard too? In the same vein, use similar plant life and colour palette to keep everything the same and boost curb appeal. Having the front and backyard tied together nicely improves home value as well.


Now that we’re in summer, it is the best time to have landscaping work done. In short, contact a professional landscaper and let them know what ideas you have in mind. With many landscape types out there, we hope you gained some inspiration from this article.

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