Landscape Construction

Our Calgary-based company has the right team to help with all residential  landscape construction services

Calgary Landscape Construction

Coming up with a landscaping plan for your property can be challenging. You may even be questioning why landscaping is important or why you need a landscape designer. Hiring a landscape contractor should be exciting and satisfying. However, this can be a discouraging time for some homeowners who are unsure of where to start and who to talk to.

Before you even begin, you need to decide what you plan to use the area for. If it’s your backyard, are you looking for a large garden space, or more privacy? Are there children who need a play area and so you need the yard to be as kid safe as possible while still looking beautiful?

A few things to consider and help guide you through an enjoyable landscape construction experience are:

What kind of conditions exist in your yard?

Is the area very sunny or mostly shady?

What kind of activities do you plan to use your yard for?

Who will be using the yard? 

Are you looking for a low-maintenance landscape, or do you enjoy spending a lot of time caring for your yard?

Which landscape style would best complement your home? Or best reflect your lifestyle?

At Landscape 360, our Calgary landscape construction team will go over different concepts and ideas based off what you envision for your home and then help bring your dream property to life. From water features, to retaining walls, custom woodwork or custom stonework, we’re able to bring your landscaping project to life.

The key to enjoyment and the longevity of your yard is quality craftsmanship. Landscaping is a process that’s built in layers. Many of the steps are tedious, lengthy and labour intensive. Progress can seem slow due to the preparation of work required, with most typical contracts springing to life in the final few days of construction. Having professionals with the proper knowledge base like Landscape 360, and who use high-quality materials, is a must.

Whether it’s dirt yard with no current landscaping, or you want to change the existing scape, give us a call so we can help you get started on your project today. Consulting with a reputable landscaping contractor is always the best place to begin when planning your outdoor project.

Landscape 360 Portfolio

Custom Stonework
Custom Woodwork
Landscape Design
  • Stone Backyard Patio
  • Brick Pathway
  • Edge Garden
  • Stone/Brick Pathway
  • Wood Steps w/ Mulch
  • Natural Stone Garden
  • Jacuzzi Backyard
  • Golf Bunker
  • Stone Concrete
  • Garden Border
  • Stone Driveway
  • Finished Yard
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Deck Walkout
  • Deck Stairway
  • Deck Stain
  • Deck Privacy
  • Back Deck
  • Practice Green
  • Wood Deck
  • Carport
  • Backyard Firepit
  • Back Stone Patio
  • Back Fence
  • Privacy Fence
  • Natural Stone Pathway
  • Patio w/ Retaining Wall
  • Wood Deck Patio
  • Private Deck
  • Private Deck Fence
  • Stone, Mulch & Treed Backyard
  • Backyard Mulch & Trees
  • Practice Green
  • Stone Edge Garden Bed
  • Stone Patio w/ Retaining Wall
  • Auburn Bay Patio