Benefits Of Landscape Design & Services

Though it may be winter, and the snow is covering your yard, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your landscaping. Landscape design is more important than you think.  It gives your property more curb appeal and will maximize your yard’s usable space. Giving you the most practicality out of it. You can create an outdoor oasis to retreat to when the weather gets warm. Whatever you have in mind for your new yard, Landscape 360 is here to help that vision come to life.

The Importance of Landscape Design

1. Turns Unused Space Into Functional Space

Hiring a landscaper to come and redesign your yard is the best way to create a full outdoor living area you can be proud of. Turning your yard into a functional living space allows you to gain extra square footage during those summer months. You can make use of your new-found space in many ways. Whether you want a reading garden, a backyard BBQ and outdoor kitchen for potluck parties, a camper’s oasis with a fire pit and seating, or a playground for the kids, a professional landscaper can take your ideas and make them happen.

2. Landscaping Boosts Property Value

landscape design

Everyone knows people judge what they can see, so why not create a beautiful yard for yourself. There are so many options for landscaping your yard. Whether it’s to the extreme, with a full outdoor kitchen or a lush oasis with a fountain.  Or something minimalist, like a simple garden. When your yard looks well-curated, your home’s property value is sure to go up. Curb appeal can be a huge deal-breaker for some homebuyers. Many folks want their new home and the property it resides on to be move-in ready.

3. Creates A Way To Connect With Nature In Your Own Home

Landscaping provides you and your family a way to connect more with nature. Bringing a beautiful living space outside will give you more time to enjoy what nature has to offer. Plus, it’ll be right outside your doorstep.

4. Decreased Utility Costs

When redesigning your yard, you can ask your landscaper the best way to save on utilities. They will know which shrubs and trees provide the most shade and are low maintenance to keep alive. They can scout out your yard to find where the sun rises and sets to find the foliage’s best placement to give you the benefits of shade during the hot summer months.

5. Protection Of Natural Wildlife

natural landscape

A landscaper knows which plants are native to the climate you live in. Your professional landscaper will be able to give you a lush, full yard and garden all summer long by planting native plants in your area. This also means they will be lower maintenance since they thrive in this specific environment. In turn, saving you time, money, and energy trying to keep them alive.

6. Weed Control

Properly landscaping your yard will actually reduce weeds. When your lawn isn’t healthy, weeds are more likely to find their way in and start spreading. By investing in good landscaping, even a simple makeover can increase the chances of your lawn fighting off weeds on its own without needing harsh herbicides.

7. Creates A New Space To Enjoy – Enhances Your Quality Of Living

backyard living landscape design

Overall getting your yard landscaped creates a better quality of life for you and your family. You have a new space to enjoy, to create more memories with your friends and family. It provides you with something beautiful to look at and use as extra square footage for your home. There’s no point in wasting that blank canvas. Your yard is waiting for a redesign.

Why Seeking Out A Landscaping Company Will Prove Useful

You can landscape your yard yourself if you have the time, energy, and know-how to create an outdoor oasis. However, by hiring a professional landscaping company like Landscape 360, you will get way more for your money. An experienced company will take your ideas and create the ultimate outdoor space for your home.

Landscaping Companies Save You Time & Money

Calgary has such a dry climate that landscapers know precisely which native plants to incorporate into the designs. That knowledge ensures they will thrive in your yard with minimal effort and will meet YardSmart initiatives to lower water usage. A landscaping company also understands that the use of native plants is beneficial for the preservation of natural wildlife. Professional landscapers will place trees and plants in strategic areas of your yard to help reduce costs by shading your home on those hot summer days.

Professionals At Work


Another benefit of landscape design is that the landscapers know what they are doing. If you want putting practice, they can help you work on that. They have the ability to implement a putting green into your design so you can work on your game anytime. If you want a pergola, a professional knows exactly where to build your new structure. This way you don’t get blinded by the sun with poor placement. They can even install water features in your yard to give it that wow factor.

For any landscape design services in Calgary, Landscape 360 has the team for the job. We have been around since 2008 and are born and raised Calgarians. We know the best products, plants, and designs to use in your space. Whether you need a full-scale construction project or you’re inquiring about something small scale we are happy to help. We love nothing more than redoing a yard.  It pleases us making your yard into something you are happy to come home to.

Contact us today for your next landscape design project. We do everything from stonework to landscape to lighting and custom irrigation. We ensure that every finished project is everything you imagined it to be.