Gardening Versus Landscaping

landscape vs gardening

As summer begins and everything starts to grow and get nice and lush, it’s a great time to start thinking about your yard. There are many ways to improve the outdoor space for your family. When considering how to improve your home’s green space, you might be wondering whether gardening or landscaping is the right option for you.


Gardening Versus Landscaping

So what’s the difference between gardening and landscaping? At first glance, they seem incredibly similar, and both involve creating and maintaining outdoor green spaces. The line between landscaping and gardening can be blurry. Typically gardening deals mostly with plants within an area, whereas landscaping involves various elements. Landscaping deals with different botanical components, such as trees, bushes, shrubs, and hardscapes like pathing, furniture, and fences to create a seamless and elevated space.

Many consider gardening to be a fulfilling personal hobby. Gardening gets you outside and working on your yard during the warm summer months. Starting a garden can help you elevate the look of your yard by adding flowers. This can take many different forms, whether you’re more interested in tending flowers or growing herbs and vegetables instead!


gardening pots on table


Gardening & Getting Started

There are many resources online to help you get your garden started. Resources can also help troubleshoot any problems that might come up. Calgary Horticultural Society has a great page that addresses local gardeners’ frequently asked questions! The City of Calgary has a guide to help you plan the layout of your yard and garden.

If you’re looking to get into gardening and aren’t sure where to start, it can be helpful to look up what plants flourish best in your area. The City of Calgary’s YardSmart guide outlines a list of perennial and annual water-wise plants. Water-wise plants are drought tolerant and offer advantages such as being great at sponging up rainwater runoff.


Perennials, Annuals & Vegetables

It’s important to consider what grows best in your local area. Because of this you might want to consider the benefits of planting perennial instead of annual. Perennials grow back every year, reducing the amount of work you need to do in your yard yearly. Some perennials mentioned in the guide that would be a beautiful addition to any garden are:


  • Alpine Asters
  • Bearded Irises
  • Blanket Flowers
  • Daylilies
  • False-Sunflowers
  • Peonies


peonies in garden

Gardening is an affordable hobby. If you choose to grow herbs and vegetables, it might save you money in the long run! Additionally, having a herb and vegetable garden has many different benefits, such as:


  • Always Having Fresh Herbs & Vegetables On Hand.
  • The Added Health Benefits That Come From Eating Fresh Produce.
  • Elevates Your Cooking By Allowing You To Add Fresh Herbs To Any Dish!
  • Gardening Can Be A Great Form Of Exercise, & It Can Be Extremely Fulfilling To Learn A New Skill!
  • It Can Add Visual Appeal To Your Yard & Gives Your Guests Something To Talk About When They Visit Your Home!
  • You Could Eventually Have Lots Of Herbs & Vegetables To Share With Your Loved Ones.


growing vegetables in a garden


Professional Landscaping

Landscaping is not typically a hobby that people try and pick up. Generally landscaping is left to the professionals, because it requires knowledge of horticulture, artistic design, construction and installation. Reworking and landscaping your yard is challenging and requires knowledge about lots of different elements.

You might have a vision for your yard that cannot be accomplished without custom stone and woodwork. This can become a massive project very quickly. Also, landscaping can include elements such as the creation of ponds, sculptures, and fun foliage like topiaries. Once all the planning and work on your yard is done, your yard still might not look how you envisioned it.

If you’re looking to change your yard’s look thoroughly, you should contact a landscaping contractor. Landscaping contractors know all about local botanicals, along with having experience with what will work best in your yard’s terrain.


professionally landscaped yard


Best Choice For Your Home

So what’s the best choice for your home? It really depends on your needs and what exactly you’re trying to change about your yard. Gardening is a great way to add greenery. By gardening you start a relatively low cost and fun activity for the entire family.

Gardening promotes spending time outside and in your backyard. It can become a fulfilling skill to learn for the future. Further, gardening improves the overall look of your yard. However, gardening involves lots of maintenance and work to keep your yard from looking overgrown.

If you’re looking to make more significant changes, it might be better to contact a professional landscape contractor. Ponds, pathways, and more significant botanical elements are more challenging to install and can become quite costly.

Materials can be extremely expensive. If you don’t already have the existing skill-set to make this project a reality, it becomes a huge risk to try and install it yourself. With these more extensive projects, it’s better to leave it to the professionals. Landscaping adds a unique design element to your home and is custom fit to your yard to suit your needs. Landscaping works to elevate your yard by adding features to make your yard more accessible and beautiful. These yards can be designed to suit any lifestyle and designed to be low or high maintenance.

If you have any questions about landscaping, give us a call. Our staff is more than willing to answer questions and help you update your yard for the summer.